Scamsters roam freely, victims suffer endlessly

The AgriGold depositors, who hoped that the Government would take over the assets of the company and do justice to them by paying back their deposits, feel cheated now. The AP Government has left them in the lurch. The CID had tried to auction the AgriGold assets. But, no company came forward to buy the assets due to demonetization scare. Later, GSL group of Subhash Chandra came forward to buy the assets. It had even deposited Rs 10 crore to the court. But, later, its own investigations showed that there are more liabilities than assets and it had backed off.
At a later stage, it had again evinced interest in buying AgriGold, but this time around the Government was not very keen on it. So, it reportedly told the court that since neither the Government nor the AgriGold have come forward to assist in the buyout, it was withdrawing its bid. Now, the AgriGold issue has come back to Square One.
Several depositors and agents have ended their lives. Some have died of depression and heart attack. But, the Government appears least bothered. It is said to be scaring away the potential investors with a host of conditions. Many victims allege that this is a ploy by Chandrababu and cohorts to usupp the AgriGold assets. The TDP could employ the same methods that it adopted to gobble up Sadavarthi lands in Chennai.
While the depositors and agents are struggling hard, the AgriGold directors are living a life of luxury. Out on bail, they are roaming freely without any fear. On the other hand, the victims are now organizing protest fasts in Guntur demanding speedy justice. Some victims have threantened the government that they would end their lives if no justice was done to them.  But, those in the know say that there are no chances of justice for the victims with no investor coming forward.

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