Relocation For Three Times In Three Years

() Chandrababu's stay in 5 star hotels
() Almost Rs.5 lakh charges for the stay per month
() Rs.92 crore expenditure already on residence
() Same scenario in Vijayawada too
() Babu's luxuries with public money

Hyderabad: CM Chandrababu's luxuries are becoming controversial by the day. Criticism is mounting against changing Park Hyatt 5 star hotel in Hyderabad as his place of stay. But Chandrababu does not seem to be bothered by it.
At the time of swearing in as the CM, Chandrababu used to live in his residence at road no. 65 ofJubilee Hills. After spending Rs.2 crore in it, he decided to arrange for himself a building with Government's expenses. So he announced demolition of his building and shifted to a rented house. As usual, Government sponsored Rs.2 crore for its construction and renovation. Then he decided to shift to a farm house in Madinaguda. Again it was time for crores of rupees to fly away. It was announced as permanent residence and offered with all amenities.
Recently it was decided to shift to Park Hyatt at the centre of Hyderabad city. Till now, we have seen CM and ministers stay in 5 star hotels for 2-3 days but this CM has changed the hotel to his camp office. It is noteworthy that this hotel stay is being funded by public money. This stay is worth Rs.30,000 a day. So on an average, Rs.5 lakh bill is made in a month, taxes and good bill on top of it.
Chandrababu's residence at the capital city of AP also has become controversial. Vijayawada camp office took Rs.42 crore expenditure till now. Hyderabad secretariat took Rs.20 crore. Chandrababu's residence at Tadepalli took Rs.10 crore. On the whole, Chandrababu's houses, camp offices and stays took Rs.92 crore of people's money till now. After having consumed so much money, Chandrababu is still uttering statements about ethics and encouraging job holders to sacrifice and save.
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