Redwood Logs In Chandrababu’s Field

  • Redwood logs in CM’s field
  • Forest officers’ investigation
    reveals secrets
  • Chandrababu’s illicit activities
    see light

Hyderabad: Chandrababu’s bragging
about not tolerating injustice and treating illegal activities in the right way
is becoming comedy day after day due to his own illicit activities seeing light
one after the other.

Sand scam and capital land encroachment are
now followed by location of redwood logs in his own land. It is shameful of him
to lead the line of unlawful people in the state. The logs of redwood saw light
in the land belonging to CM Chandrababu, who keeps boasting about his
uncompromising fight against redwood crimes. To mask the illegality in this,
Chandrababu himself pretended to have uncovered this to the officials and condemned
their irresponsibility.

It is the word of the mouth that redwood logs
were recently found right in the fields owned by CM Chandrababu Naidu at his
native place in Chittoor district. Apparently, smugglers themselves had unlawfully
placed the logs in his fields. The forest officials, upon receiving the
information, hurried to the place and transported them away. Care was taken so
that this word was not spread. Not being able to tolerate the appearance of
redwood logs in fields, Chandrababu resorted to blame the officials of forest
department for this, much to their agony.

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