Reality is out now

While devotees got the holy blessings due to Pushkara yatra, the only person to get the curses due to his sins is Chandrababu Naidu. He is opposed by people all over the State due to his behaviour and focus on propaganda, during Pushkaras which costed 30 innocent lives. The issue has created doubts on his declaration of staying in Rajahmundry till the end of Pushkaras.

The right reason is, the cost for Pushkara is presented as Rs. 1650 crores, where in 10% of this amount is not even used and the amount is pushed into the pockets of Telugu brothers.

Even the local leaders are also neglected and Kotari is given the authority to make the arrangements. However, the works were cheap and no proper care is taken for the preparations. For this poor work, the bills are not getting cleared and complaints were passed on the same to the Chief Minister. Pressure is also there on the Ministers and the present action is to search ways to pass the bills.

Due to this, CM is staying there is the news.The further step after Pushkaras also links to

this stay. The task is to get the bills cleared where the government officials who are responsible for clearing bills will be kept a side and the officials who are stubborn will be taken charge off. Followed by this, there is a plan to move the police officials who are not abiding to TDP and the groundwork is already in process.

Overall, the plan was to get a credit that CM could make the Pushkara a success by staying there and the other way round is to continue his plan.

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