Real Idea of Chandrababu:

Vijayawada: There is a big story behind Chandrababu stating and creating curiosity about the administration of the State to shift to Vijayawada. This is strongly believed it is only for the sake of the real estate. 

The real boom of the capital

The documents and plans were ready even before the decision has been announced about the Capital to be planned between Krishna and Guntur districts. Before hand, the gentlemen of the Kotari group could procure land in the surrounding areas on large scale.  After the decision has been specified as Tulluru, slowly they started planning for the venture. The real estate developers were puzzled and annoyed as there was not major change with respect to the capital formation, and started pressurizing as they could not see any major change with respect to the capital formation. Due to this, Chandrababu Naidu and other employees started focussing on the Real estate business. It started with the shifting of offices, shifting of Ministers as the employees cannot be shifted, higher officials and also mentioned about the shifting of the camp office. 

Buildings taken for

The process of taking
buildings, guest houses, residential homes, Camp offices for Ministers on rent
started. Here also few leaders of Chandrababu kotari are taking the lead. While
buildings worth 10 lakh 57 thousand square feet area have been identified in
Guntur,  few buildings were found in
Vijayawada. 252 Apartments, 31 villas, 20 cottages were found as residential
spaces for Ministers and senior officials. Preparations are made to take these
spaces for rent. However, the leaders are busy in making more money by this
process by quoting higher rents than the market value.

The yellow shirts

It seems to be a
festival time for the people in yellow shirts belonging to TDP while their
leader is mainly focussed about the Real estate boom and the establishment of
rental buildings. Active participation of the party members is observed in
order to gain some financial benefits by this. The telugu brothers are agreeing
that Naidu is not interested in moving the administration and that’s the main
reason for quick initiatives been taken.  However, they are happy
that the real boom will definitely benefit them.

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