Purely Commercial Capital

Capital spreading up to one lakh acres
Official Real Estate Business
Capital Beyond the reach of Common Man

Vijayawada: It is known to everyone that the State Government has already grabbed thirty three thousand acres from the farmers for constructing Andhra Pradesh New Capital 'Amaravati'. It is also preparing grounds to de-notify another fifty thousand forest lands. The Central government has informed the state government that it will announce its decision on this in another 15 days. With this the State Capital will sprawl across one lakh acres.

Full of Companies
All the lands acquired in the Capital region are in the hands of the government which is now planning to form 'Amaravati Development Corporation' and handover all the lands to it. This way they will allot the lands to the companies whom so ever they wish.

Complete Real Estate Business
The government is planning to divide this capital region into different zones like Commercial, Entertainment, IT, Tourism etc., and handover the zones to different companies. Amendment sin the law to give these companies full rights is on the way. The rumours are coming out as to whether they will also make a provision so that the companies can also sell these lands if need arises.

A curse to Farmers
In the midst of all this happening there is no clarity on the fate of the farmers. It seems like the partnership to those who gave the prime resources will be confined to the papers in the 'Continuous Inclusive Development' plan. In this way it is even suspicious whether the promised thousand yards to the farmers will be fulfilled or not.
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