Public At Trouble With Chandrababu's Government's Behaviour

Hyderabad: Chandrababu's Government's behaviour in the recent issue of agitation staged by Kapu community's leader Mudaragada Padmanabham is raising eyebrows.

Thousands of people assault one family

Mudragada Padmanabham resorted to deeksha at nowhere other than his own house in a small village. The police still seized it and controlled movement of people into and out of the village. They broke into his house, physically beat him up and dragged him into their vehicle, giving little concern to his pleas. His son was beaten up and taken into custody. His wife and his daughter-in-law were taken under control.

Attempts to obstruct Mudragada's deeksha

Even after Mudragada was admitted in the hospital, the police continued their control over the situation. They showed enthusiasm in gaining credit for disturbing his deeksha. The attempt to remind Chandrababu of his promises and work for their realisation for the benefit of the people in the society is being portrayed as a problem of law and order.

Drama near the hospital

The police took complete control of the Government Hospital. This is causing problems to general public, with arrangement of barricades, having to present ID cards and parking lots being very far from the hospital building. Severe traffic regulations from Lala chervu to Y junction are demanding them to go around a distance of 10 kms. Additional problem is for the travelers of national highway.

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