The Poor Taking The Blow For Chandrababu

  • Chandrababu's luxurious needs are always financed
  • Government in debts
  • Serious trails for debt yet again

Hyderabad: People are ultimately facing trouble due to Chandrababu's actions. While boasting about his plans to make Amaravathi an international-level capital and bringing it international recognition, he is actually pushing the state of AP into the quicksand of debts.

Luxuries and graphics

There is nothing that has been accomplished in the two-year rule of Chandrababu. He is making sure to have a special aeroplane or a special helicopter wherever he has to go in the state. Going on foreign trips once in every 2-3 months and taking hundreds of people along with him, he is spending hundreds of crores of rupees. But the Government seems least bothered about this expenditure. Coming back from those trips, Chandrababu is hardly getting any investments but is showing graphic images to bluff the state. The expenditure on Chandrababu's residences and offices is another huge amount. Five star hotels are compulsory venues for camps and review meetings. Such is the situation of his luxuries.

AP immersed in debts

Having faced the blow of bifurcation, the state of AP is suffering even more with Chandrababu's Government. Those who should put a hold on the unnecessary expenditure are encouraging it. The treasury of the Government is being emptied and pushing the state into debts. Already the state is in a debt of Rs.6,050 crore.Recently, more Rs.750 crore has been applied for. Ultimately, the people of AP are burdened with the debts. The Government seems to be least bothered about this.

The poor are the ultimate victims

With the mounting debts and Chandrababu's greed for luxuries in place, the poor are suffering the most. The welfare schemes like Arogyasree and pensions, fees reimbursement are being cut down. The poor are ultimately taking the blow for Chandrababu.

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