For political unemployed only..!

No Buyer to buy the harvest..!
Fearing to do agriculture..!

YSRCP leader Jyothula Nehru criticized that Chandrababu spends hundreds
of crores extravagantly but does not spend a penny on the harvest of
the farmers. The crops were harvested but paddy selling center was not
established till now. With this the farmer is forced to sell a bag of
paddy at Rs.800. The Chandrababu government is only capable of making
announcements, he said.

Where are the funds?
questioned what happened to the Rs.3000 crores fund to stabilize the
prices allotted in State Budget by the government. He demanded that
within 24 hrs of buying the paddy the farmer’s bank account should be
credited with the amount not after 15 days. He questioned why
Chandrababu is not giving Rs.300 bonus to the farmers now when he
demanded that when sitting in opposition. Except to blame others he did
not do anything after coming to power, added Nehru.

For political unemployed only..!
said that Chandrababu has created a situation where the farmers were
deeply afraid of doing agriculture in the state. He expressed anguish
that there is no buyer for the harvest and there is no security to the
crops. He mentioned that the marketing yards are for providing
employment to the unemployed political people but not at all beneficial
to the farmers in giving support prices. He demanded that immediately
paddy collection centers have to be set up and support prices to be paid
to the farmers.
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