Political conspiracy in Assembly

The Chief Minister, Chandrababu Naidu is known for the conspiracies,
revenge and so on. Still his traits are continued even after one year of
rule. This is evident as he wanted and trying to remove the great
leader YS Rajashekhar Reddy's portrait from Assembly. While YSR was the
Chief Minister, and left the world, people mourned a lot. People were in
deep sorrow filling their heart with the great leader. The Assembly is
considered as a holy place for all the people in the State and the past
Government decided to place a portrait of the great leader, YS
Rajasekhara Reddy in the Assembly lounge. The arrangements were made by
the speaker then. The members of the Assembly,  used to share their
regards to the Leader there, on the birth anniversary and death
anniversary. Even after partition, the YSRCP Assembly members used to
conduct many programs there. However, the people leader's picture lying
there where people are remembering them and it is also reminding him,
chandrababu is not okay. So, he decided to remove the portrait there. As
and when he thought and decided, he made it a point and made them to
remove the photo. But he cannot remove the person from the minds of

to the proficient, there is another conspiracy behind this. Babu is
calculating that the opposition party Leader, YSR Jagan will definitely
question the ruling party against the acts done by Chandrababu Naidu
such as – selling the State in wholesale to Singapore, Cinema shooting
in Pushkaras which caused the death of 30 innocent lives, Cash for vote
case and the recent issue of hiding the case of Rishiteswari who
committed suicide in Nagarjuna University. So, in order to divert the
minds and thoughts of YSRCP, the ruling party is doing such acts is the
assumption. When the topic is diverted to the portrait of YSR, they can
continue their act is the main conspiracy.

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