Plan to loot sand..!

Plot to suspend DWCRA Women from Sand Reach

The Government is planning a new strategy on sand business. The yellow leaders who were already minting from sand trade wanted to mint more by blaming that the DWCRA Women failed in organizing sand reach’s trying to give that responsibility to old contractors.

The debate on sand selling and illegal trade was done in the cabinet exhaustively. With this Chandrababu gave go ahead to withdraw responsibility of sand reach’s from DWCRA women and to give to private contractors.

The leaders feared that there will be a protest from the women if they keep them aside immediately, so they planned to appoint Civil Officers in the name of illegal trade control measures. With that they are planning a strategy to get a report from those civil officers and give away the sand reaches to private contractors. The yellow leaders are minting crores of rupees by transporting sand to other states illegally looting the state.

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