This is Peoples Agenda...!

Today, the Leader of Opposition, YSRCP President,
YS Jagan declared an agenda with 19 points which were planned to be discussed in
the Next Assembly sessions
and declared it today in an open letter.

The points to be raised in the Assemblysessions on
behalf of the Party:

1. Chandrababu himself was caught in the cash for
vote scheme.

2. Documentary during Pushkaras: The way 30 lives
were forcefully pushed to death because of Documentary shooting

3. Unlimited Sand Robbery -The way TDP, whip, Chintamaneni Prabhakar, exploited
Vanajakshi when she objected the sand robbery. The way the YSRCP MLA Dadi Setti
Raja was attacked in East Godavari District, in the own constituency of the FinanceMinisterYanamalaRamakrisnudu, as he
and other YS RCongressLeaders,stopped
the Sand Exploitation

4. The
way Government is no way investigating the situations that lead to the suicide and
protecting the culprits in Rishiteswari committing suicide in Nagarjuna University,

people and farmers in the State are suffering with drought conditions, Chandrababu
Naidu along with family members already visited Turkey, and in busy inLuxuryTours.

way the TDP Ministers are no way bothered in talking about the SpecialStatus for the State in the

7.SC, ST Sub Plan Funds Diversion against
Law by GO number 25

8. The poor and weak groups were kept aloof from Education by closing the
schools and hostels which were established for poor people's Education.

way Thousand of crores of money is looted on the name of Polavaram and

money in the name of GO22 

11. Huge scam based on the Change
of Tenders in Beraitis.

offering made to Corporate Industrialists Announcing Rs. 2067 crores for

GO 369 for selected Distillers to increase the AlcoholProduction.

Rs. 2300Crores toPrivatePowerAgencies.


transaction in the name of Capital:Creating False companies and donating money by SwissChallenge and Threatening people in the
name of landpooling.

to pay their loans and deceived by the loan waiver schemes,
the way farmers and DWCRA sisters
committing suicides.

18.The repeated
propaganda was made before elections about the job assurance for each home and
an alternative of UnemploymentAllowance of Rs. 2000was made. But, the cruelty of the Government in not
even releasing the Notifications of job appointments.

stabbing of Angan Vadi groups and Contract workers in the name of outsourcing.

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