People At Risk Due To Chandrababu’s Manipulation

  • Manipulation
    of numbers to bring fame to Babu
  • The
    centre concludes manipulation was up to Rs.50,000 crore
  • The
    centre cuts down on the funds allocated to the state
  • The
    yellow media responsible for blaming the centre

Hyderabad: Chandrababu-style of pretension has
again uncovered itself. The bluffing business of Babu and his coterie in
presenting budget has been exposed. The double-digit financial progress
presented to have happened has been proven to be false by the centre with
proofs. This has apparently happened with almost Rs.50,000 crore, as revealed
by the centre, pushing TDP into its own pit.

the past two years, Chandrababu has done nothing but illegal activities and
atrocities. Hence, it chose to present false numbers regarding GDP in order
gather acclaim. In certain areas of the governance, numbers have been
manipulated to showcase fake development. In fishing department, only 60% of
the funds have been shown to have been spent. But development in the department
has been shown to be 300%. This gave rise to doubts and all the numbers were
pulled out to be checked, exposing the reality. It was revealed that almost
Rs.50,000 crore worth of numbers were wrongly presented.

As a
result, the centre cut down on the funds to be sanctioned to the state. A
genuine margin might be possible between the calculation of GDP done by the
central Government and the state Government. But such a huge difference is
unusual unless manipulation has place. With this, Chandrababu’s deception has caused
the fury of the central Government.

Government realized that the manipulation had caused the cut down of funds. Now
it is afraid of losing honour. So it is trying to push the blame on to the
officials. The yellow media has been given the responsibility of accusing the
officials of their over-enthusiastic manipulation. The AP Government has also
gotten ready to accuse the central Government for not assisting the state

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