Pattiseema is no way related to Rayalaseema

Hyderabad: Among the schemes
which Chandrababu Naidu is mostly concentrating on the Pattiseema project. By
this project, from a village Pattisam, Godavari water is taken and pumped into
Krishna river near Prakasam barriage. By this, the Krishna delta will be utilizing
more water. But, Chandrababu and gang are projecting that it is a project to
help Rayalaseema. But the unrevealed truth is that it is not possible for water
in Krishna which is at lower level to support the Rayalaseema. This leads to how
is it possible? Since, long the YSRCP is raising the question. This was recently
specified by the TDP MP, JC Divakar Reddy that Rayalaseema is no way benefitted
by Pattiseema project. At least now, realize the truth and see that Rayalaseema
is favoured by the schemes and plans made by the Government. He said that
instead of leaving the people in disguise, it is good to make the people
realize the truth which at least benefits the people.

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