Package Is A Dream

NDA Government cares little for AP's problems
Yellow media's story masking Babu's failure
No chance of mention in March 9 budget session

Special package also seems to remain a dream for AP. TDP-BJP duo who promised special category status before elections, cited various reasons to call it quits with their promise. After promising to give special package with all the perks better than what SCS would have offered, are evading when asked for legal status for the special package. They seem to plan only on managing to pass time for the rest of the two years as they did for the last three years.

AP cabinet meeting discussed the issue of legal status of package given to the state by the centre but did not come to any conclusion. Now there is no chance left to hold this discussion in the budget session. It is being told that PM Narendra Modi has pushed this issue to the next session. This clearly indicates that the centre is trying to delay the issue as much as possible. The CM has raised curtains to a new drama by saying that a note is being prepared for the legal status of the package and a decision will be taken soon. Babu and co. are trying to picture that the note is under examination by certain ministries, thus causing the delay.

The injustice being done to AP by NDA Government now seems to be more severe than the injustice done by UPA Government that unjustly split the state. BJP not only played a key role in the state's bifurcation, but is also behaving cruelly after the separation. The centre's behaviour in giving legal status to special package is like an ever-stretching TV soap opera.

Lame excuses like Modi being busy, the note requiring modifications in the last minute and the documents not being in Hindi language are being cited. People are being bluffed again and again and ultimately the issue has not been placed in the agenda for the sessions. These news are in contradiction with the earlier story published in the yellow media that everything was set for the legal status.
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