Only To Be Called The Hitech CM

Chandrababu is causing agony to the farmers of the state in his greed for being called as the CM running a Hi-tech Government. The computer records being formed in the name of Webland is home to TDP's atrocities.

Farmers agonised
Land under lakhs of survey numbers in the state has not yet been registered on Webland. Tehsildars have not confirmed many assets that have been entered online. A huge difference is being seen between the area of lands owned by the farmers in reality and that mentioned in Webland. Bankers are rejecting applications for agricultural loans, citing absence of records of their ownership on Webland. Revenue officials and mediators are causing pain to the farmers who are approaching them to get their lands registered. Applications are piling up, seeking correction of records on Webland.

Deceptive transactions
Huge deception is under place in the sale of lands due to computerisation. Not only are the buyers losing, but also security problems may arise, the police and the revenue officials are opining. Farmers are thinking that it will be good if official electronic transactions are accepted after confirming that the online work of the lands is completed faultlessly.

Importance to corruption
There are many illiterates among farmers. This is benefiting the officers. The farmers are being shocked to find that the land that has been under their name since decades is now registered in Webland to be belonging to the Government. The lands inherited from their ancestors are also appearing under the Government's assets. True beneficiaries of the Government-sanctioned lands are agitated to see their lands registered under somebody else's names. They are having to spend money from their pockets to get them transfered back to their names. Officers and mediators are imposing charges on farmers to register their lands with their names online. Rs.10,000 - Rs.60,000 is being demanded depending on the value of the land to be registered.
Examples for the suffering caused by the atrocious rule
  • Chintakayala Ramanujamma from Veldurthi of Kurnool district inherited 2.60 acres of land in survey number 831. She has the concerned title deed and pass book with her. But in the webland, her name has been replaced with somebody else's as the owner of this land.
  • Guntaboina Venkata Ramana from Thalada village of Santhakaviti mandal in Srikakulam district owns over 5 acres of agricultural land. But in web adangal, it has been noted that he owns only 2 acres. He applied for mutation at Mee Seva in March.
  • Four hundred farmers from Gollavalasa village of Srikakulam district have not gotten their 2000 acres of land registered on Webland. This is hindering them from getting agricultural loans.
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