Officials Forced By TDP Leaders To Take Time Off

  • Corporation work halted in Nellore
  • Yellow leaders obstructing the corporation’s income
  • Officials taking time off to evade the threats and atrocities of yellow

Nellore: The atrocities of
the TDP leaders under the mask of power are increasing day after day. They are
threatening the system for their selfishness. The officers at Nellore Municipal
Corporation have fallen victim to their rowdy attitude. Unable to tolerate the
unjust behaviour of the TDP leaders and their threats, they are resorting to go
on long leave of absence.

The departments in Nellore Municipal Corporation are engineering, town
planning, revenue and health. Among them, town planning and revenue departments
are primary for the revenue of the corporation. Officials as well as ruling
party leaders are looking for ways to fill their pockets by robbing the
corporation in these departments. Recently, the ruling party leaders are
exceeding their limits in unlawful earning through the corporation. They are
passing orders to the officers to act according to their will and conveniently
help them fill their pockets. Some of the officers are scared of acting at the
will of the leaders. Some of them are on long leave of absence, not being able
to take the pressure put on them by the leaders.

Surveyor on leave since two months

The two officials in Town Planning Department of the municipal
corporation of Nellore are surveyor Murthy and TPO Sudhakar. Murthy has been on
leave for two months. Leaders ordered Murthy earlier to identify the intrusions
in canals under the coverage of the municipal corporation. As the intruders mostly
included people with high political influence, he started to be threatened and
forced during his survey. Hence, Murthy has decided to go on long leave, as
informed by the personnel of the department.

TPO absent since a month

TPO Sudhakar has been handed over in-charge duty as Town Planning
Officer a few months ago and he has done his job smoothly for some time. A
ruling party corporator then started to demand lakhs of rupees of bribe from
him every month. He also threatened Sudhakar to sign on files related to huge
illegal activities. This has encouraged the officer to go on time off since a
month. It is heard that both these officers are trying to get themselves transferred.
Now work in town planning department are walking with snail pace. People are
concerned about their work not being done in spite of repeated visits to the
corporation office.

In the Engineering department too

A higher official in engineering department also is trying to evade the
pressure from TDP leaders through transfer or time off. Two DEs and three AEs
have already tried to get transferred.

People of the city are worried about the work being halted at the corporation
due to the absence of officials owing to pressure from TDP leaders.

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