Now, TDP Holds 'Dummy Deeksha' For Railway Zone

It seems TDP leaders are adhering strictly the health tip given by party MP Murali Mohan who recently advised partymen to sit on deeksha to reduce  body weight. A bunch of  TDP leaders staged a day long dummy deeksha demanding the establishment of Railway zone in Visakhapatnam.  

YSR Congress Party leader Gudivada Amarnath Reddy already conducted Padayatra and hunger strike for railway zone in Visakhapatnam.  YS Jagan also took part in the dharna and shot off strong letters to the centre. But the ruling BJP did not respond positively. 

Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu unfolded a new political drama by holding dharna and deekshas in every  district highlighting the local issues. However, the deekshas are reduced to be a mere publicity stunt as people realised that the TDP was not sincere in resolving the issues pending since four years.  
In the guise of making a power point presentation on special status to national media in New Delhi, the TDP Chief went to national capital and allegedly met SP leader Amar Singh to transfer the Agrigold properties to a corporate company. The opposition YSR Congress demanded the CM to make a statement but did not turn up yet. 

When the YSR Congress MPs staged dharna in Parliament for special status,  the ruling TDP leaders met Congress leaders secretly and entered agreements to protect their political interests. The 11 day deeksha by TDP MP CM Ramesh and another leader Btech Ravi did not yield any results. Surprisingly,  Ramesh did not loose weight and maintained physical fitness even after sat on Indefinite hunger strike. Circastic comments made  by other TDP leaders including JC Diwakar Reddy showed the sincerity of the ruling party in addressing the pending issues.
YSR Congress Party has been fighting against the centre and state government for its indifference in fulfilling the promises made in the AP Reorganisation Act since four years.  To cheat people again,  the TDP is holding fake deekshas. 
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