Now, Chandrababu Turns as " Chandrananda Swami"

The appeal made by Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu to Andhra people to give up family planning and have more kids received strong criticism from all sections. The opposition YSR Congress party alleged that Chandrababu forget his core responsibility and behaving like a Swamiji by giving useless suggestions to state people. 

At one side, the people were facing hardships to meet their  family requirements due to skyrocketing the prices of goods and the other side Chandrababu was wasting money in the name of bikini festivals,  war on mosquitoes and irrigation  projects.  

The quality maintained in the consturction of  temporary Secretariat at the cost of Rs 900 crore exposed Chandrababu government's corrupt practices in executing the developmental programmes. Government ordered CID enquiry into the leakage of rain water int eh secretariat but no action has been taken after the investigating agency submitted the report. The TDP President also indulged in political corruption be encouraging defections from oppsotion parties.

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