No reaction on Risitesvari's death ..!

Guntur:  In the case of the death of the
suicide of Risitesvari in Nagarjuna University, the game played by the
Government is becoming crucial and more disputes are raised day by day. To show
this case in poor light, the government is trying to downplay as much as
possible. Many things were revealed by the fact finding committee formed by the
YSRC party, who toured in the campus. The authorities of the University are
working hard to hide the facts.

The University
officials, started weaving a new story about the room facilities were well
maintained in Rishiteswari's room. They stated that the room facilities in
front of the seniors were not as smooth, and they wanted to shift into this
room and due to this Rishiteswari got offended and so on is the essence of the
new story. They also said that, due to this, she committed suicide. The
students and the locals were fuming against this situation.

Rishiteswari wrote a
diary expressing about the circumstances that lead to the suicide. She
described in detail, about the way different people acted and how she was
tortured. In the name of Raging, and in the name of love, how she was tortured
is stated in the diary. She also mentioned the way the Principal of the College
of Architecture at the University, Baburao behave and also about the behavior of the Faculty member, David Raju. Video evidences
were available showing the full bottle celebrations and dances performed
on Fresher's day.

Despite this clear
evidence, why are they diverting the case? Stated  the fact finding committee members. Why did
not any complain is lodged on the name of the principal? Finally, on all the
evidence, apparently due to the attitude of the principal Baburao,  VC
have been reported to the police.

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