New Tactics For Robbery During Pushkarams

  • Telugu
    Desam is extra-careful.
  • Advance
    planning from the experiences of Godavari pushkarams
  • Coteries
    jump in for appointing special officers

Hyderabad:Leaders of Telugu Desam Party need no teachers for
learning how to pocket Government’s funds. They are implementing new techniques
to rob at every chance. Care is being taken to avoid those issues that
disturbed their robbery during Godavari pushkarams.

faced in Godavari pushkarams

are a traditional and spiritual ritual in Hinduism. That was why work related
to pushkarams was begun by endowments department. A special officer was
appointed for this purpose. But the yellow leaders could not pocket crores of
rupees as planned. Hence they brought pressure on the Government. Suddenly
endowments department and the relevant minister went aside. Urban development
minister and Chandrababu’s ally Narayana was given the responsibility. This
paved the way for TDP leaders to commit corruption of value hundreds of crores
of rupees. In spite of being in alliance, BJP leaders too complained that
unlawful scenario took place in the pushkarams of River Godavari.


Pushkarams of River Krishna
are going to happen this year. The veterans of the Government realized that they
would face trouble if endowments department entered like before. It is the word
of the mouth that minister Prathipati Pullarapo who had played a major role in
snatching poor farmers’ lands in the capital area and municipal minister
Narayana are being given the responsibilities.

In addition to this, agricultural
department director Dhanunjay Reddy and municipal department director
K.Kannababu are being appointed as special officers. It is not meant to state
that these officers are accomplices of those leaders, but being the officers of
relevant departments, they will be working at a close distance from them. Hence
there are high chances for minister Prathipati Pullarao and minister Narayana
to lead the scene again.

Competition in robbery

is huge competition among leaders of TDP for Pushkaram works. Advance planning
and trials have started for stealing the Government’s money. With Vijayawada as
the centre, pushkaram works are going on and planning is being made around it.

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