The New Secretariat Is Ready, or Is It Really???

Amaravathi: Chandrababu
is doing all sorts of drama in order to boom the real estate in the capital
city area. He is leaving the Government employees to suffer. With constructions
not yet being completed, he is announcing the inauguration of capital city next

Real situation of

Work at the temporary secretariat in
Velagapudi with an expenditure of Rs.600 crore on 45 acres’ land has not yet
reached completion. Not even one of the 6 main blocks has been completed. Drinking
water and drainage work is still to begin. Rainfall is further delaying the
work. Engineering officers are opining tat it will take two more months to
complete the work.

This block has been allotted for CM’s
office, Chief Secretariat, general administrative block, legal department and realisation
of CM’s promises. The Government has decided to inaugurate at least one block,
as the 6 blocks cannot be completed by the 27th of this month. But
this block also does not seem to be ready for completion. Only 50% of the work
is done. Flooring, ceiling, painting, wiring and many other phases of work are
yet to be done.

In the second floor, fibre plates are
being arranged instead of walls. Only after this is done, the fans and AC units
can be installed.

Roads filled with gutter

Two vehicles are finding trouble to go
at the same time on the roads of the capital city. Due to rainfall, the roads
are filled with gutter. There is no other way to reach the secretariat except
this road. The highway from Mangalagiri to the secretariat via Ainavolu is all
destroyed. Gravel road work near secretariat is happening at great pace. After
the completion of temporary secretariat, the road will be laid with tar or
cement. But it may take a few more days for this to begin. At this point, the
whole campus of secretariat is filled with gutter when it rains.

Problems with electricity

Estimated need of electricity after
completion of temporary secretariat is 6 MVA per day. For this, electricity
department has started running power lines from Tadikonda and Tadepalli. 42 kms
of lines need to be set up. This work is reported to be half way through.
Working day and night may not finish the work by the 27th. It has
been decided to establish power switching unit in every block for continuous
supply of electricity but relevant work has not yet been started.

Troubling drainage problem

The number of employees coming from
Hyderabad to the temporary capital is estimated to be 2000. The waste water
resulting from their use has no drainage facility to reach the ground water. No
sewage and septic tank work has been started yet. Even the rainwater has no way
out. Engineers estimate that it may take at least a month for this work to

Scarcity of water too

7 lakh litres of water is necessary
every day for the staff of the secretariat and the use of the office. The
officials still have no clarity where to bring this water from. Some of them
are saying that water will be brought through pipelines from Tulluru lift
irrigation scheme to the temporary secretariat. Some others are guessing the
water may be supplied from Sakhamuru pilot project. With such little clarity
among officials, what is the use of hasty completion of the construction anyway?

Havoc to boom the real

Babu’s benamis are eagerly waiting to
jump into business around the temporary capital area. They are expecting boom
in their real estate business with the setting up of temporary capital in that
area. This explains why Chandrababu is putting so much pressure on moving the

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