Narayana Narayana !

* Narayana Institutions are creating disturbance

*Making a mockery of the Government systems

* Students losing their life


Hyderabad: The irregularities in the Narayana institutions, run by the Minister Narayana, are slowly coming to light one by one.  Unable to tackle the pressure, students are committing suicides and the parents suffering are not explainable. The parents of the recent victim, the girl student who committed suicide gave their explanation and reasons for their daughter committing suicide before the Truth decision Committee


Corporate Devils evil acts:


There are almost 2000 private colleges in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana States. Where in 80% belong to Narayana institutions, and other institutions affiliated to it. They started exhausting some 450 public colleges over the years. These two Institutions are ruling the Students and created an image in the minds of the parents, that the only option for students after intermediate is either of these institutions. If the students are not into any of these, they cannot prosper is the image created by these two institutions.




Stress and nothing but Stress


However, the facilities in the colleges are not much stronger is what is observed. In order to establish a junior college almost 8 thousand square feet building and a 2-acre playground is a must. However, no college is observed to have such provisions. Narrow rooms, without proper ventilation and without proper light, the education is going on.   Lot of stress to be taken for marks and the pressure on the parents regarding the fees is unexplained. According to the Board of Intermediate, the fee decided is 1760 rupees. Finally, the seat is not even given for 17600. Lakhs and lakhs of rupees are taken from the parents by force.



Innocent Students are committing suicides



The pressure raised by the institutions for marks is not explainable. The teenage students are been harassed for marks by scolding and ill-treating them in between their fellow students and finally their main aim is to get marks. If not the lecturers are fired from their profession. So, they are making the students into pulp by creating fear and pressurizing them. With such pressure, narrow rooms, less ventilation, far off from homes and playground, these students are committing suicides. Among the students who committed suicides in the Narayana College are 9 girls and 2 boys.


Though the situations are so severe, Government is supporting the Narayana Institutions, which reveals the strong relation between Babu and Narayana.




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