Nara family assets

You believe Nara calculations?

All left is debts. Recently we cleared few

Lokesh is no way less than his father in telling lies. " Babu can be considered only after me in relation to the frauds" This twitter message proves that Lokesh is no way less than Babu in doing frauds. Lokesh declared his property details. Similarly, he is insisting all others to declare their property details. He said that we could easily loot the money of people easily. He is also preaching the members to say that all our properties are safe in Singapore. We are not left with anything here. We could survive on the profits gained by selling Vegetables and milk. He also mentioned, that to avoid the allegations raised on them, he is declaring the property details in twitter. How can it be proved, when you stay here and shift the assets to Singapore? How can anyone believe dear Chinna Babu - telling that Heritage was under loss due to quality issues and now we could manage the issues and serving the people well?

Indeed can you guess the details of the Assets declared? 




Net worth

N Chandrababu Naidu

 Rs. 50 Lakhs

 Rs. 8 Lakhs

 Rs. 42 Lakhs

N Bhuvaneshwari

 Rs. 43.20 Crores

 Rs. 10.12 Crores

 Rs. 33.08 Crores

N Lokesh

 Rs. 12.39 Crores

 Rs. 4.72 Crores

 Rs. 7.67 Crores

N Brahmani

 Rs. 5.14 Crores

 Rs. 0.36 Crores

 Rs. 4.78 Crores

Nirvana Holdings

 Rs. 27.81 Crores

 Rs. 26.44 Crores

 Rs. 1.37 Crores

 Lokesh also stated that, as they came to power, he could reduce the debts and even purchase a farmhouse worth Rs. 2 Crores. He also said few unbelievable details to  Media that, they could repay 1 crore rupees debts of Smt Brahmani  and they could also purchases ornaments worth Rs. 6 lakhs. Happily they could use the people's money. Also purchased Ornaments. When are you going to provide small huts to poor, Babu? You snatched the lands of farmers as they could not pay the debts. With this women have kept their gold in mortgage. How about those things, Babu? people are questioning. Your calculations which are full of frauds is not required to people. When can you resolve the problems of farmers, Babu? People are questioning.  

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