Movement of YS Jagan for Special Status

Non-stop fight on behalf of people

Moving forward by pointing the failures of government

Guntur: The leader of Oppostion, YSCP President, YS Jagan is continuing his non-stop fight for the special status. He is moving forwards by bringing people together. The YSRCP leaders claimed that how many ever objections you raise, the movement is not going to stop and Jagan would definitely do his strike. YS Jagan mentioned that he is for the Special status and never step back. State population is with Jagan's movement for Special status.

Continous Fight

YS Jagan is continuing his fight against the Centre and State Governments who forgot the promise made on Special status during elections. Breaking the promise of giving special status for 10 years and breaking the State into parts is not appreciable. As Babu mortgaged the Special status of the State at the Centre in exchange of being safe from the cash for vote case, Jagan has taken up the situation and is fighting for  the Special status. For the sake of special status Jagan is on continuous fight.  

 Jagan shuts the mouths of people who made fun

Jagan met the Central Ministers and insisted them to keep their promises on Special status. Met the President and asked him to consider the State for special status. Two days strike in Mangalgiri, Maha Dharna in Delhi, State Band and so on are different paths chosen by the leader Jagan to bring awareness about the Special status. Be bent the necks of yellow party and could succeed in getting the approval of the resolution for Special status in the Assembly. YS Jagan has done a goal setting and directed the youth and students in the Yuvabheri program conducted in Tirupati and Visakhapatnam by stating the benefits of Special status. He mentioned the solution for the State is not Sanjevani which was claimed by Chandrababu & Co. But, Special status itself is the solution for the State, said Jagan. He awakened the minds of youth and people and this action of Jagan made the mouths of people shut, who made fun of Jagan programs.  

Conspiracies of Babu & Co

When there was no movement in the State and Central governments, Jagan stepped in and decided to fight for the Special Status. The Yellow party is jealous as YS Jagan can be claimed for the Special status, and out of this jealous and fear, they are stopping the initiatives taken by Jagan in relation to Special status. They behaved like rowdies and attacked. They tried to stop the students who wished to participate in Yuvabheri. When all their efforts of objections were stopped, they could not do much. They took the support of police and stopped the hunger strike as they could not digest the respect gained by Jagan from the people. The YSRCP leaders claimed that how much ever efforts are made to stop the strike, it would not stop. The YSRCP leaders warned the government that at any cost, YS Jagan will start his indefinite hunger strike from October 7th in Guntur.  

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