Modi's Rs 6000 to farmers is a copy of Jagan's Rythu Bharosa

YSR Rythu Bharosa envisaged payment of Rs 12500

It was late YSR who turned the drylands of Andhra Pradeh into fertile, arable lands. His game-changer Jala Yagnam has breathed life into several irrigation projects and brought lakhs of acres under cultivation. He envisioned that projects like Polavaram and Pranahita-Chevella would help bring lakhs of acres under cultivation. This enabled the farmers to come out of the quagmire of indebtedness. Hence, YSR was deified by the countless people of the Telugu states. 

Once the legendary leader departed, all hell broke loose. The state was bifurcated and an incompetent leader like Chandrababu became the CM. With him came the drought and the farmers were shattered by crop failures and the cycle of indebtedness. It was during this time that YS Jagan dawned on the scene and breathed life into the farm sector. He told them that he would stand by them. He announced on July 9, 2017 at the Party plenary in Guntur that he would provide Rs 125000 every May to the farmers as part of input help. Today, the Central Government has taken a leaf out of the same scheme and announced Rs 6000 per annum to the farmers. Thus, YS Jagan's Rythu Bharosa has been adopted by the BJP Government at the Centre. 

Direct benefit transfer is now being hotly debated all across the country. The TRS has done the same through its Rythu Bandhu. There is also a debate as to how this whole idea originated. The idea originated from YS Jagan. It was he who announced this first. He has announced at the party plenary that he would directly transfer the benefit to the savings account of the farmer. This was part of the Navaratna's that Jagan enunciated. Called YSR Rythu Bharosa, this scheme envisaged payment of Rs 12500 into the SB accounts of every farmer. He said this would be the first file that he would sign the moment he became the CM. He said that all farmers holding below 5 acres would be paid Rs 50000 in four installments of Rs 12500 each. It is this idea that Modi Government has adopted on Friday.

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