Misuse Of People’s Money For Renovation Of Personal Property

  • Misuse of
    people’s money for personal benefits
  • Rising criticism
    against Babu
  • Wastage of
    crores of rupees for house remodeling
  • First
    expenditure account on the very first day of the new financial year
  • Rs.1.36 crore
    released for beautification of Babu’s farmhouse

Hyderabad: Spendthrift
expenditure of Babu is exceeding limits. While exclaiming about the state’s
deficit situation, Chandrababu is wasting people’s money for his personal
purpose. His misuse of people’s money ranges from roaming around countries in
special flights to renovating his house. Criticism is rising against the
release of Rs.1.36 crore by the Government for the beautification his own
farmhouse in Madinaguda.

A GO numbered 181 has been issued by the
roads and buildings department for immediate commencement of work by
nomination. These orders mentioned that the funds were meant for the
arrangement of security and other facilities in the CM’s camp office. It is
surprising to know that the first account from the roads and buildings
department in the current financial year was for the remodeling of the CM’s
personal farmhouse.

CM CHandrababu Naidu owns a farmhouse at
Madinaguda in Hyderabad. As Rs.9.8 lakh was allotted for helipad and approach
road in the farmhouse, internal service road in the property was allotted
Rs.9.5 lakh. Arrangement of bore well and water supply was allocated Rs.8.40
lakh. Arrangement of police picket, sentry posts and other security personnel
and police barracks were allocated funds separately. Ultimately it has become a
topic of discussion among officials how large amounts of funds were released on
the very first day of the financial year for additional decoration of the CM’s
personal property.

There has been instance of similar act of
misuse in the past when crores of rupees were sanctioned by the Government for
the arrangement of beauty and security at the CM’s official residence in
Jubilee Hills. Now changing the residence to the farmhouse in Madinaguda,
Chandrababu is again exploiting people’s money. Having spent crores of rupees
for renovating his chamber in the secretariat recently, Chandrababu shifted his
residence to Vijayawada after being red-handedly caught in the note for vote
case. Living in an unlawful residence there, he spent crores of rupees of
people’s money yet again for its beautification.

Not stopping here, Madinaguda’s farmhouse
was sanctioned crores of rupees yet again. Moreover, flexibility was offered to
announce immediate functioning through nomination. It is being announced that
the new capital will come to use for administration from the 15th of
June, while the personal farmhouse is surprisingly being termed as camp
residence and funds are being allocated for its renovation. People, opposition
and the leaders of other political parties are condemning the unjust act of
misuse of people’s money.

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