Minister's Wife Makes Everyone Awestruck

The staff of that hospital are target to the fury of not only
the minister, but also his wife.

Furious about the lack
of prominence from the personnel of a hospital in Chilakaluripeta area of
Guntur district, the wife of a minister in Guntur district got all of them transferred,
stated the victims. She reportedly told her husband that not one of the staff
members who had disrespected her should continue working in that hospital. The commissioner
of Vaidya Vidhana Parishad was called to their guest house and instructed to
immediately transfer the staff. The minister also informed about this to the health
minister Kamineni Srinivas and he also had to accept to this.

Fourteen of the hospital
personnel were transferred right away. A dental doctor was transferred to
Kambham, an obstetrician was transferred to Macharla, 2 nurses to Kandukuru,
and 2 more to Markapuram. Another doctor managed to escape the transfer by
approaching another prominent TDP leader of the same district.

The pleas done by the transferred
staff to NGO leaders also went in vain. Due to not filling the vacant positions
resulting from these transfers, patients are facing trouble. Other employees of
the health department are awestruck about what a minister’s wife’s fury can do.


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