Minister Unmoved By His Lag

  • Drinking water scarcity prevalent in municipalities
  • People of cities and suburban areas in suffering
  • Minister Narayana's indifference

Hyderabad: The problem of scarcity of drinking water is growing by the day throughout the municipalities of AP. The officials themselves have agreed that 90 of the 110 municipalities including corporations, grade 1, grade 2 and grade 3 urban panchayatis are suffering from serious scarcity of water. But the readiness necessary to solve the problem is nowhere to be seen.

Situation in municipalities
At the onset of summer every year, water scarcity begins in the cities and the suburban areas. This is more prevalent in urban areas than in rural areas owing to high population density and low water resources. Also drinking water supply in the urban areas has to happen only through Government systems. People cannot travel to far away areas to get water like in villages. So the municipal department usually forms action plan in advance to face the impending scarcity. Proposals are brought from cities, review of situation is done and action is planned in general.

Minister's negligence
Municipal minister Narayana has been behaving like the minister of capital since a long time, as is the criticism. Primarily formalities with Singapore are being taken care of by Narayana on behalf of Chandrababu. So the functions of his ministry have been pending. Even important issues like review of situation of drinking water scarcity are being left behind. As a result, no consolidated plan has been made to fight the problem.

The people are agonized
People in the urban areas are severely suffering from unavailability of water. Situation in slum areas is worse. The Government has given up on supplying water through tractors. More than 12000 bore wells have dried up. Local officials have stated that they cannot help tge situation unless action has been taken up in the state level.

Thus is the scenario of drinking water in the state and still it is not able to move the unconcerned minister.

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