Minister To Benefit From The Scam

  • Sixty four identified corrupt in cotton purchase scam
  • Minister Pattipati's followers involved
  • No action being taken

Amaravathi: The people who were found guilty in cotton purchase scam in AP state are trying to get out of the case by offering crores of rupees to the concerned minister. Apparently, they all assembled at a hotel in Guntur to discuss collection of funds. Employees of agriculture and marketing departments wereamong them.

In the meeting that happened under the supervision of two retired employees of marketing department, the reports given by vigilence and enforcement department and marketing department on cotton purchase and the files that had reached minister Pattipati Pullra's office were discussed. It is being heard that it was unanimously decided that at least Rs.1 crore of the money to get them out of the case should be collected within two days. 

A scam of value Rs.700 crore
In the purchase of cotton that happened in 2014–15, ascam of Rs. 700 crore took place, as recognised by the inquiry performed by the central and the state Governments. Cotton Corporation of India, a central Government agency, took trouble prevention measures by transferring all the purchasing officers and other officials involved across the country.
But in 43 market yards in the state, 64 people went corrupt, reported vigilance and enforcement wing and marketing department. But the state Government took no action. It was heard at that time that the followers of minister Prattipati Pullarao and the employees working in his companies had played a keen role in the scam and that he had tried hard to protect them. With all the allegations proven true, now new circumstances are raking place.
When themediaquestioned minister Pullarao about this, he evaded the topic by questioned hoe he could take action before the file came to his hands. It is also heard that certain people involved in this case are roaming around the minister's office and residece. Ultimately, Rs.1 crore is said to have been decided to be spent in order to push the file to cold storage forever.

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