MGNREGS Riddled With Multi Crore Corruption In AP

Corruption was haunting the prestigious Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme in Andhra Pradesh. Crores of rupees of  funds earmarked for providing livelihoods through regular employment to the poor were being misused by the ruling TDP leaders.  

In a stark example of exploitation of the employment Scheme,  the TDP leaders diverted the funds for private works like creation of farm ponds in thier own agriculture lands. In some cases, the ruling party leaders withdrew crores of rupees in binami names by  taking  up works in the Endowment lands and at major irrigation projects and withdrew.  As per the guidelines,  such works  required government permission before they are executed.

The TDP leaders also adopted different modus operendi and exploited  the scheme. They claimed bills repeatedly for a single work done previously.  Lakhs of rupees were misappropriated in road laying works,  construction of new ponds etc. 
The TDP leaders also withdrew money under employment Scheme by submitting fake list of labourers to the government. They used machines in executing the works.
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