Low on Allotments, High on Bragging

  • Coldness
    to irrigation projects
  • Low
    on allocations, high on bragging
  • Babu’s
    eagerness to pocket the false credit

  • Hyderabad:
    The recent announcements from CM
    Chandrababu Naidu and his ally Devineni Uma Maheswar Rao are revealing the
    Government’s intentions. Besides not showing any interest in irrigation
    projects, the Government is trying to take the benefit of credit and profit
    from them.

    This is the reality

    Irrigation projects are very important for the state.
    Only when the river water is diverted and sent to the agricultural fields will
    the crops yield good produce for the people and profit for the farmers. That
    was why late leader Dr.YS Rajasekhar Reddy spent such huge amounts of funds on ‘Jalayagnam’.
    It is also important to shed light on Chandrababu’s contribution to the
    irrigation projects.

    estimated expenditure of Vamsadhara project was Rs.1242 crore. While Babu’s
    tenure allotted Rs.44 crore, Dr.YSR spent Rs.657 crore in his tenure. After the
    demise of Dr.YSR, Congress Government sanctioned Rs.138 crore. Pushkaram
    project’s expenditure was estimated to be Rs.608 crore. Babu spent Rs.7.6 crore
    on it and YSR spent Rs.538 crore. Post-YSR Congress Government gave Rs.61.77

    Thotapalli project is
    another example. When the expenditure was estimated as Rs.527 crore, YSR’s
    tenure allocated Rs.398.88 crore and Babu’s allotted Rs.3 crore. For Tadipudi
    project, estimated expenditure was Rs.467 crore, Babu’s allotment was Rs.3.23
    crore and YSR’s was Rs384.64 crore. After him, Congress Government spent
    Rs.55.19 crore.

    for credit

    While reality is evident from the numbers, Chandrababu’s
    Government is making attempts to picture things in the other way. It is
    identifying the projects where 90% of the work is complete. It is making them
    up and eagerly describing them as product of its effort. It is obvious that
    they are hiding reality and striving for advertisement and credit.

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