Lives Tampered With

  • Facts uncovered in YS Jagan’s tour
  • True colours of Aqua Food Park management exposed
  • Government indifferent to pleas of people from 20
  • Collector giving false information
  • Approval to the factory after filling Babu’s pockets
  • YS Jagan promises to fight against the food park
  • West Godavari tour is a success
  • Interesting facts came
    to light during the tour of the leader of opposition and YSRCP president YS
    Jagan in West Godavari.

    Mega Aqua Food Park has
    been intended to be constructed in Bhimavaram area irrespective of the interest
    of the local people. As the management has gotten ready to build the toxic
    factory in the residencial area, the Government also has extended its support. Many
    innocent people have been imprisoned after attempt to murder cases have been
    registered against them. Section 144 has been imposed in the area, hindering
    the comfort of the lives of the local people.

    As YS Jagan toured in
    their villages yesterday, the villagers revealed to him how their lives had
    been tampered and how their fight against the establishment of the factory had
    been oppressed. They requested him to help them with making sure the factory
    was not set up in their area. They thanked the people’s leader for being by
    their side. 

    • YS Jagan called the food
      park a toxic demon. He extended solidarity to the people who were fighting
      against its establishment in Tundurru area. He promised to bring pressure on
      the Government and the factory’s management in the direction of moving it to a
      different area.
    • YS Jagan spoke about the
      ill-effects of the factory like the terrible odour it would yield and the
      pollution caused to the canals and ultimate destruction of cop fields, along
      with the lives of the farmers and the agricultural labourers dependent on it.
    • Nobody would be against
      the advent of industries. But building them here would affect their livelihood,
      YS Jagan said. He appealed to the factory’s management to move it to the shore
      area so that nobody would be affected from it. In that case, he assured his
      solidarity to them.
    • YS Jagan mentioned that
      the management of the aqua food park should remember that Chandrababu’s
      Government would be there only for two more years and then YSRCP would form the
      Government and do administration as per people’s wishes.
    • The whole area had been
      occupied by the police as if it was a war zone. Section 144 had been imposed.
      Cases had been filed against the people who resisted the factory’s establishment.
      If the management went with Chandrababu, they would surely soon drown in the
      Bay of Bengal along with him, cautioned YS Jagan.
    • YS Jagan warned the
      management that he would also approach the court if the factory was not moved
      from the current location.


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