The lion comes as a single

Congress leaders joined YSRCP

Gesukonda: Thousands of people gathered in gesukonda,
Warangal district in support the YSRCP President, YS Jagan. They all felt happy
to witness the child of Rajanna. Under the guidance of the former ZPTC Rajkumar
Goud, congress party MPTC leaders joined YSRCP on a large scale. Fans of YSRCP
said aloud the captions in their raised voices in favour of Jagan.

Raj kumar Goud said, that to get the kingdom of
Rajanna, the regime of Ravanasura has to go. While Kadiyam Srihari is asked to
refer the issues in the Parliament.. he ruined the peoples hopes for his thirst
towards Authority, the YSRCP leaders rebuked fire on him. The YSRCP leaders
criticized that to misuse public money, the TRS government has aimed to get
power and set for re-elections.

Raj Kumar goud bruised in anger on KCR and other group
of ministers for threatening people to vote for Car. He suggested people not to
fear though many come in groups and threaten them. He said only lion comes in
single like Jagan, and requested them to bless Jagan. He mentioned that they
all belong to Rajasekhar Reddy's family and glad to be joining political ascendancy.
Raj Kumar goud shared his happiness. 

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