Lack Of Reformation Is Evident

() Babu has always believed in money

() Ethics smashed

() Trials to nominate fourth candidate till the last minute
() Elections treated as a business

Hyderabad: Chandrababu's behaviour during the last two days of nomination of Rajya Sabha candidates has raised eyebrows of democrats. He has tried till the last minute to nominate a fourth candidate in spite of not having enough strength. At last, due to fear of losing honour, he has backed off.
To win a Rajya Sabha seat, the first vote of at least 36 MLAs is required. Hence, 3 candidates will need a strength of at least 108 MLAs. In fact TDP's official strength is 102. Adding 2 independent members and 4 BMP MLAs, the number needed for 3 Rajya Sabha seats is possible. This means TDP's strength is barely good enough for achieving exactly 3 seats.

Foul play till the last minute
Chandrababu tried to nominate a fourth candidate in hope of getting the fourth seat with the help of the shamelessly gathered 17 YSRCP defectors. Discussions happened in the CM's camp office for four long hours in this direction. Ministers were assigned on this job, leaving administration.

The glorious past
TDP nominated a candidate for MLC elections in Telangana in spite of not having enough strength. Chandrababu and gang got miserably caught trying to buy MLAs with video and audio tapes as evidence. Being an expert in manipulating systems, Chandrababu sharpened his criminal thoughts. By mortgaging the benefit of the peopleof SO, he got out of the case.

No reformation in Chandrababu
Chandrababu has not reformed even after being caught. He called for TDP cadre in Mahanadu to work for the party's victory irrespective of the election by hook or crook. He was enthusiastic in achieving the fourth Rajya Sabha seat at any cost. As the doors closed, he backed off.

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