The journey continues .....

A strong yearning to provide succour … a ceaseless passion to help those in distress… He fears not the despotic and wily government, nor his own life… He has hit the road to help the people. He is walking to reach out to them. To aid, assist and assure them. People are his raison d’etre. Day, night, food and sleep… He  plods on regardless. There’s only one who can live this arduous life with a smile on his face. And that one man is none other than YS Jagan Mohan Reddy.

YS Jagan as leader of the opposition sears and shreds the Government’s wrongdoings. Despite the untimely deathof his father and regardless of the slew of conspiracies hatched against him by the despotic leaders, he is forging ahead. His father’s welfare dream is his banner and his ideals are his agenda. Despite all vicissitudes, YS Jagan did not swerve from the path of the people. Government’s slighting of elected people’s representatives and ruling party’s wheeling dealing to buy off opposition MLAs as though they were cattle did not unnerve him. All these did not cow him down. 

He is continuing to question the Government’s backtracking on the election promises. He is fighting the rising corruption in the state and is loath to AP becoming the most corrupt. It is the tears of the poor, agony of the farmers and the cries of the womenfolk that is making him take the road less traveled.
The people feel that there is only one solution to all these woes. Rajanna’s golden era must come back and none else but YS Jagan can bring them. This has spurred YS Jagan to launch his historic Praja Sankalpa Yatra. The yatra began from Idupulapaya on November 6 and will end at Ichcapuram. In YSR district, he covered Vempalle, Tela Thimmayapalli, Uruturu, Yerraguntla, Proddatur, Mydukur, Duvvur, Enkupalli and Jillela. Everywhere, there was unprecedented enthusiasm, happiness unbound, warm hugs, friendly pats and a shower of flowers for YS Jagan.
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