It's Time For Another Freedom Struggle

  • Freedom struggle to chase
    away foreign rule and robbery
  • Chandrababu giving away
    Indian assets to foreign countries now
  • Chandrababu gaming in the
    name of capital city

Hyderabad: India, after decades of fighting
for freedom, got independent in August. It chased away the foreign rule and
robbery. But since Chandrababu’s re-entry to the CM’s seat, curtains were
raised for chaos. Natural resources and lands are being given away to foreign
countries in the name of capital city construction.

This is what happened under
foreign rule

The Portuguese and the Dutch came to
India for business. Then came the French and the British. They took some
assistance for their businesses. Gradually, they occupied the whole country and
robbed it of its treasures. They physically harassed and hurt Indians. They
occupied and destroyed the whole country. In spite of having been a rich
country in the history of the world till then, finally ended up as a poor

This is what Chandrababu is
doing now

Chandrababu, who is boasting about
constructing a capital of international standards, is doing the same thing now.
After entering into agreements with bemani Singapore companies in the dark, he
is going off limits. He snatched 33,000 acres from farmers of the capital area.
32,000 acres of forest land has been acquired and deforestation is under way.
Including assigned lands, waqf lands and kunta lands, 1 lakh acres is estimated
to have been occupied. The universally opposed Swiss Challenge system is being
brought into picture. Lands are being placed in the hands of Singapore
companies. The whole capital city area is eventually going to go under the
control of the foreign companies.

Do we need foreign

Can Indians not construct buildings for
the capital city of AP? Are Indian engineers so incompetent? Chandrababu, to
this question, replied that Indians would build a capital city that looked like
slum areas. He is trying to give away lands as a whole to foreign companies.
There is probably no other place in the world where a state’s capital
completely goes under the control of a foreign country. To face such an
atrocious act, people have to unite and question him. We have to protect our
state, our lands and our natural wealth.

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