It Has Never Happened in the History of Legislative Assembly

  • How can you bring closure motion in Governor’s speech?
  • How can you use Closure Motion so easily?
  • This is the first time it has happened in assembly
  • Hyderabad: Events that took place in the assembly on Wednesday astonished many. Primarily the discussion on thanking the Governor’s speech faced many disturbances. Closure motion was brought when the discussion was going on and this was the first time in the history of the legislative assembly that something like this had happened. Shortly after this, members of opposition were suspended and sent out. Such events are facing public criticism.

    The Intention behind Governor’s Speech

    It is customary for the Governor to address the house at the beginning of the assembly sessions. This speech carries the information regarding the Government’s deeds and activities from time to time from executive system to legislative system. The ruling party and the opposition parties then discuss the points covered in this speech. Many issues are mentioned after this as the Governor’s speech happens at the beginning of the sessions. Similarly, in AP assembly, leader of opposition YS Jagan mentioned many points after the Governor’s speech.

    How Closure Motion was brought to Escape

    When YS Jagan questioned about the land scams, the Government did not know how to respond. So to sideline this matter the ministers made many attempts. At this point, the minister of legislative affairs Yanamala Ramakrishnudu got up and brought closure motion. The ruling party usually uses this motion to take control of abnormal situations. But now this was used when the opposition party was speaking on thanking the Governor’s speech. The discussion was wound up even before BJP could speak.

    Suspension follows

    It is the right of the opposition party YSRCP to protest against this. So when it was announcing its protest in a democratic fashion, the ruling party brought pressure on the speaker to suspend the opposition MLAs. Irrespective of the speaker’s will, the Yanamala Ramakrishnudu passed suspension motion on behalf of the Government. The Government proved its stubborn behaviour once again in the legislative house.

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