If they were awake before, these many people would not have lost their lives

Vijayawada: The leader of opposition YS  Jagan questioned the Government, Why are you
not bothered when the people in a village are losing their lives. Jagan
examined the kotta  Majeru  village
of  Avannigadda constituency, Krishna district ,  himself, to know
the conditions of the deaths.  This morning, he came to Vijayawada from
Hyderabad,  from there, by road he reached new Majeru.  The pond
which was serving water for the  whole village is found contaminated with
matters on being investigated. Almost, 18 people died from past  few
months, still  the government is not in motion, he fumed.The first death took place in May, said YS Jagan. He expressed
concern regarding the continued series since then. YSR Congress leaders visited
the village, and provided the information to the authorities. YS Jagan said,
four villagers have died in the village within five days. However, he said that
the government is no way bothered.  Despite this, the Health minister, or
the Chief Minister, did not visit the place, said Jagan. He said, if the
investigation has been done long back the facts would have come to light
 and many could be saved. If the health camps were organized, then, these
many were not expected to be  dead.  The drugs given by the
Government doctors are not working and many are dying because of fevers, said
Jagan sharing his grief. 

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