IAS Officials Faces 'Big Humiliation' In Chandrababu Govt

Senior bureaucrats and IAS officials are facing peculiar problem in Andhra Pradesh.  The status of the officials has been virtually reduced  to  Janmabhumi committee members in the state in Chandrababu Naidu's government.  

At one side the officials were forced to attend the  week-long marathon meetings conducted by Chandrababu. On the other side,  the officials were  being quizzed  on thier failure in achieving the targets set by the government every time they attend the CM meeting. 
Former Chief Secretary IYR Krishna Rao's statement that CMO's office has turned out to be a TDP also  proved correct with the  growing domination of ruling party leaders on the officials. 

In the recent meeting at Mussoorie,  the CM's tall claim that his government will make agriculture a profitable profession indicated clearly the mindset of Chandrababu who  neglected farming sector completely during his stint in the united Andhra Pradesh.  
Most of the officials anguished  for treating them below the rank of Janmabhumi members in Chandrababu government. 
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