This is how one can check if one's name is in the voters' list

check your vote ​

In view of the ruling party's devious attempts to delete the votes of YSRCP supporters in Andhra Pradesh, the YSRCP has on Wednesday, launched a campaign to ensure that its votes are not deleted. 

It has launched 'Check Your Vote' campaign across the state. It may be recalled that YS Jagan MOhan Reddy has already approached the Chief Election Commissioner on the issue. He has alleged that the Chandrababu Government and the TDP were ensuring the deletion of votes from the list through various means. It is found that youth and women are being targeted big time by the TDP.

So, here's a lowdown on how to look for one's vote in the list and what to do if the name is found to be deleted. It is learnt that at least 60 lakh votes have been deleted by the TDP so far.  Every voter has to go to the e-seva centre to verify the list. If the name is not there, he has to re-register himself as a voter. Before the final list is prepared, one has to check and ensure that one's name is there in the list.In fact, there are methods using which one can check if his name is there in the list. check your vote national voter service portral web site 

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