How are people responsible for Chandrababu's corruption?

Usually, Chandrababu and his brigade never tire of claiming how honest he is and how incorruptible he is. He puts on this façade of being incorruptible even when he grabs the lands of poor people for a pittance in the name of capital construction or even when buys off MLA after MLA for Rs 20 to Rs 30 crore. But when he is caught in the Cash for Votes scam, the first thing he did was to say that it was an affront to the Telugu people. Now that the CBI is mulling initiating a probe into his ill-gotten assets, he is again seeking to involve the ‘Telugus.’

The question is what is the link between his corruption and the people of the Telugu states. The people have nothing to do with Polavaram or the siphoning off of funds in the state. How can this be rubbed off on the common man? Why should people face punishment for your acts of omission and commission.

Now that the Centre is planning to book cases against him and conduct raids on him, he is again seeking to invoke and involve people. Your corruption is your corruption. The people will not and cannot share the blame. Why should people share your blame? The people are just waiting to teach you a fitting lesson at the hustings.
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