Here’s the shocking truth behind Kia Car!!

The company yet to begin car production

Company websites confirms 

What happened in Anantapur is just a car show

Babu did nothing for the company, didn’t even make a phone call

Babu’s Makeup – Packup strategy stands thoroughly exposed.

Chandrababu is adept in claiming credit for any big thing that happens anywhere in the world. When something goes wrong, he is quick to blame it on the Opposition. With the elections round the corner, he is resorting to the ‘Makeup – Packup’ strategy to woo the people through camera shows. His idea of filling some puddles in the name of rain guns or Pasupu Kunkuma scheme for women are ending up as jokes. His fake shows and false claims are now the staple of the netizens, especially those belonging to the Opposition YSRCP.  They are ripping apart his fake attempts on the social media. 

Take the case  of Kia Motors, which he “launched’ at Anantapur the other day. The Yellow Media has praised him to skies with adjectives like ‘never before never after’ for this ‘act.’ 

But the reality of Kia motors will shock you. Chandrababu’s role in bringing Kia motors to AP is a big zilch. He has not even made a phone call for the company. It was Narendra Modi who during his 2015 tour of South Korea, who invited the Hyundi  to set up Kia Motors unit in India. Since Hyundi unit was already there in Tamil Nadu, they wanted to set up shop there. But, Modi wanted Kia to come to AP and offered to give incentives to them if they chose AP.  Kia Motors was part of the special package announced for AP. Chandrababu did not even know about this and this fact has been vouched by none other than Lokesh himself. 

However, instead of providing facilities and support, the TDP worthies began demanding their cuts from Kia Motors. The MPs and the ministers have started pestering the Kia for commissions. An upset Kia Motors felt enough was enough and decided to wind up the project. Company chairperson Chung Mang had even ordered that the plant be wound up in AP. When the principal secretary of the industries department in AP met the Kia officials, they told him plain and frank that they cannot work in a corrupt environment like this.  They further said that they would only deal with the PMO and that they would not have anything to do with the AP Government. Realising that he would end up with egg on his face, Chandrababu took up a hurried tour of South Korea. He used the good offices of the PMO to secure an appointment with Kia Motor honchos. He apologized to them for the trouble and told them that he would do everything for them. So much for Babu’s role in setting up Kia Motors.

Most importantly, Kia Motors is yet to start car production in the AP unit. It’s website says Kia cars would be rolled out by 2019-end. What Chandrababu did now was to get 10 cars from Sourth Korea and fake an orgasmic ecstacy of accomplishing car production in the Anantapur unit.

TDP worthies like Paritala Sunitha and Payyavula Kesav have purrrchased thousands of acres around the Kia unit using inside information. Remember Chandrababu did the same when the Hitech City was being constructed. The same thing happened during the Amaravati capital works.

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