Healthcare At Stake

  • Aarogyasree
    scheme in ICUs with insufficient funds
  • Babu’s
    conspiracy to water the scheme down
  • Government
    interested in benefiting private sector
  • Babu
    as the brand ambassador of insurance companies
  •  ‘Aarogya Raksha
    only to benefit insurance companies
  • Earlier, people with
    health ailments used to have the assurance of Aarogyasree scheme. The poor are
    now tensed about ill-health and are having to sell their assets to meet the
    medical needs. The demise of former CM Dr. YS Rajasekhar Reddy pushed the
    healthcare sector of the state into a devastated state. With very few funds
    being allocated to patients in ICU through Aarogyasree, the hospitals that once
    showed enthusiasm to offer services to the poor are stepping back.

    The poor usually
    approach the Government hospitals as soon as they face any ill-health. But due
    to the negligence shown by the Government, the healthcare system in the state
    is slowly going under the shadow of private sector, the first step of the privatization
    being the merger of Chittoor Government Hospital with Apollo.

    Only to water down

    Aarogyasree was a scheme
    initiated by former CM, Dr. YS Rajasekhar Reddy, in order to offer quality
    medical services to the poor. Chandrababu’s Government, that is supposed to
    implement Aarogyasree efficiently while making the GHs better, has decided to
    ignore its duty. AP CM Chandrababu Naidu has brought ‘Aarogya Raksha’ scheme
    into picture, with the motto ‘Health For All’. He made it his first signature
    in the new year. The name of the scheme may be misleading. This is, absolutely,
    not something that provides free healthcare service. One should pay Rs.100 per
    month, making the annual payment Rs.1200 for the insurance.

    This is what private
    insurance companies do. Chandrababu only ‘painted’ it with Government colour. Chandrababu’s
    emphasis is on the statement that compared to private insurance policies, the
    premium is very less. Aarogyasree (now being called as ‘NTR Vaidya Seva’) is
    available any way. Moreover, there are more schemes for women, children and the
    aged. In that case, what is the need for this ‘insurance policy’? Here lies the
    catch. This is only to benefit private insurance companies and pocket

    Government hospitals in
    sad state

    If the Government wants
    to help people, it should uplift the Government Hospitals in such a way that
    they can approach them with multiplied trust. There is nothing new to mention
    about the devastated state of GHs. The Government is not interested to look
    into making them better, despite repeated exposure of their bad state by the
    media. The menace of rats and ants in Guntur GH killing babies and the lack of
    stretchers in Guntakal GH, leaving a woman with no option but to drag her
    husband upstairs are only examples of the poor state of maintenance of GHs.
    Incidents of lack of security leading to kidnap of newborn babies are

    The CM is obviously not
    concerned about these incidents. He is only inclined towards benefiting the
    private sectors, rather than the people who have voted for him.

    Healthcare industry in
    private hands from now

    Conduction of blood
    tests, dialysis centres, 104 service, maintenance of medical apparatus and diagnostic services
    including X-ray have been handed over to corporate organisations in the name of
    e-UPHC. Recently, more services including cath lab have been ordered by
    Chandrababu to be taken under the umbrella of PPP (Public Private Partnership)
    system. MRI scanning machines and skill labs are also being planned to be transferred
    to private companies. Plans are being made to nominally call for tenders in the
    supervision of family welfare department but give away the project to their
    favoured companies.

    Desk management

    Apart from medical
    treatments in hospitals, related multi-person support services (administration
    and management etc.) in medical college hospitals, district hospitals, area
    hospitals and social health centres have been decided by Chandrababu in the
    meeting conducted on the 22nd of November, to be privatized in PPP

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