He Is The Symbol Of Courage

  • YS
    Jagan’s Rythu Bharosa Yatra from the 28th of this month
  • Farmers
    deceived by Babu’s fake promises
  • Suicide
    due to mounted debts
  • Government’s
  • The
    leader of opposition filling courage in them

Farmers who are
supposed to grow food for the society and prosper along with it, are falling
victim to unnatural death. With the Government deceiving them in the name of
loan waiver, they are resorting to suicide, unable to bear the mounted debts.
In light of this, YSRCP president YS Jagan is filling courage in them. As part
of this, Rythu Bharosa Yatra will be held on the 28th of September.

Farmers spending lakhs
of rupees as investment is being left with debts. Natural calamities are adding
to their losses and pushing them into difficulties. The Government’s
indifference is prompting farmers to commit suicide.

Babu’s deception to

CM Chandrababu has
deceived farmers. Due to not keeping his promise of waiving their loans, interests
added to principal amounts. With schemes like no-interest loans, 0.25% interest
loans, agricultural insurance and input subsidy nowhere to be seen, farmers are
being imposed with 14% penalty interest too. If the Government kept its promise
of waiver of agricultural loans, there would be possibility of Rs.1 lakh of no
interest loans and Rs.3 lakh of 0.25% loans. But due to Chandrababu,
availability of loans from banks has become impossible. TDP’s poll promises
also said that Babu had to come for gold in banks to come home. But with none of the
promises kept, farmers are left with no help from the Government.

150 suicides in that
district alone

Drought persists in
Ananthapuram district. Chandrababu has never cared for such a district. With
produce not reaching hands and with no money to invest on the next crop,
farmers are looking out for borrowing money. In Ananthapuram district alone, around
150 farmers and handloom workers committed suicide due to debts and financial
problems. This should explain the situation in the whole state.

Farmers at glory under
YSR’s rule

Under the rule of
legendary leader and former CM Dr.YS Rajasekhar Reddy, farmers were glorious.
He supplied electricity for free and provided fair price for the produce. His
kindness earned him a permanent place in their hearts. But with the beginning
of Chandrababu’s tenure again, farmers’ problems began. Debts started to mount
on their shoulders. By not keeping any of
the poll promises he made to farmers, he is pushing them into taking pesticides
to commit suicide.

Assurance from the
people’s leader

To fill courage in the
families of debt-effected farmers who committed suicide, YS Jagan is going to visit
them as part of Rythu Bharosa Yatra programme. He will console them and assure
them of his support. Having done the Yatra in Ananthapuram district lately, he
is going to conduct the next phase of the Yatra on the 28th of this month.

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