Is He The CM Of AP Or Abroad?

  • Going on joy trips ignoring
  • People suffering from
    drought and drinking water scarcity
  • Other Chief Ministers
    meeting the PM for assistance
  • Babu nowhere to be seen
  • People at agony and

 The Chief Minister’s
joy trip while the whole state is immersed in problems is raising high negative
criticism. The people of the state are suffering from problems like drought and
drinking water scarcity. The CM on the other hand is ignoring all about it
while on a joy trip abroad and this is drawing negative criticism from all
over. People at agony are remarking if he is the CM of the state or of other

In view of the drought
problem prevalent throughout the country, the Chief Ministers of all other
states are meeting PM Narendra Modi to discuss the problem. UP CM Akhilesh
Yadav, Telangana CM K.Chandrasekhar Rao and others are requesting the PM to
come to the financial assistance of their state. Drought is prevalent in the
state of AP too. It is hard for people to find a little water to drink. At a
situation like this, a CM is expected to order the officials for immediate assistance
measures and supervise them. But the CM of AP is nowhere to be seen in the
picture. TDP leaders themselves are unable to locate him.

Opposition leaders as
well as people are showing displeasure towards his pleasure trips, leaving the
people to suffer. Chandrababu flew abroad on Sunday night. TDP leaders
also are unable to know where he is. As per their knowledge, he left for
Thailand first and he was supposed to leave to Switzerland from there. Lokesh
had flown abroad two days before his father did. It is a talk among the TDP
leaders that the father-son duo flew abroad to take care of their business

It has raised curiosity
where the CM has left even without sharing proper information with his party’s
leaders. Panama papers has recently exposed that Motaparthi Siva Rama Prasad, the
director of CM’s family-owned Heritage Foods has relation with legally controversial
companies. Ajay Devgan, who was appointed as the brand ambassador of AP, has
also been mentioned on Panama papers. In light of these circumstances, the CM’s
‘joy trip’ is raising eyebrows among the political circles.

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