Governments Fail In Employment Sector

PM Narendra Modi promised that Acche Din scheme would be implemented as soon as BJP came to power. He assured that Make in India movement would enable manufacturing sector's development in India and import to other countries. He also mentioned that high prices would be brought down and the black money uin foreign banks would be brought to light.
CM Chandrababu, on the other hand, stated that there would be ample job opportunities if he came to power. He promised to pay Rs.2000 of stipend to the unemployed if jobs were not given. He also assured security to unorganised sector labourers. He also boasted about the efforts to be put on woman empowerment.
After all the promises made by the central and the state Governments at the time of elections, the only jobs accomplished were CM's job by Chandrababu Naidu and PM's job by Narendra Modi. They ultimately neglected the welfare of people, control of high prices and other promises. Particularly, the labour class was utterly neglected.
Privatisation of industries  irrespective of profits and allowance of foreign direct investment in defence and railway fields, suppression of labourers' rights by the centra Government posed a serious effect on labourers and general employees. The last September's abourers' strike could bring no change in the central Government.
The youth who trusted that Babu would bring employment opportunities were left disappointed. Lakhs of vacancies in Government sector were left without recruitment. The Government itself ousted thousands of existing employees. Work inspectors in housing department,  field assistants in employment guarantee sector, thousands of small scale employees in woman and child welfare department and healthcare department lost their jobs and thus livelihood. Thousands of scheme workers also were fired and replaced by their favourite people. Many industries were shut down due to the central and the state Governments and all the employees lost their jobs. The Government did not even even pay any compensation to the victims. None of the contracting and outsourced employees' positions were made permanent as promised. GOs like 279 and 26 brought sheer pressure on municipal labourers and store labourers.
Adding to the CM's atrocious behaviour, his ministers, municipal and corporate mayors are acting in unjust ways. Misuse of public money and corruption are high on. The CM, his son Lokesh, his ministers and officials and public representatives from rural level also are being involved in unlawful activities, ultimately affecting general people. Robbing as mush as possible and attacking officials and contractors who do not cooperate have become habit of the yellow gang. Only in AP, we can see such tyrannical rule.

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