The Government wanted package not status..!

Leaving the Special Status which is very important for the state, the yellow leaders wanted to fill their pockets asking for Special Package. The entire people of the state are asking for status but the government is conspiratorially trying to get the funds due to the state as special package. The statements by Arun Jaitley are proof of this.

Government not bothered about people..!

The public of the state are deeply worried about their future and children’s job opportunities if special status is not granted to the state, they are committing suicides. But there is no response from central & state governments; Chandrababu is more concerned about his selfish needs.

Trying to bluff

The funds for Visakha & Vijayawada Metro Rail, Petro Corridor & for construction of capital all these are already mentioned in the separation act. Chandrababu is planning to project that release of these funds is part of special package and bluff the people. He is telling different lies to the public and trying to evade the special status requests. Modi and Chandrababu totally disregarded their demands made earlier in Tirupati in the presence of Lord Venkateswara that special status should be given for 15 years not 5 years.

Cannot stop our Resolution

The YSRCP chief & Opposition leader Y.S.Jagan did several protests demanding Special Status. He did strikes & protests. In assembly he pressed the government and made them agree for Special Status resolution. He spread awareness across the state about the benefits of special status and brought public movement. He also did indefinite hunger strike but Chandrababu ignored the special status and targeted Jagan’s protests. But, Y.S.Jagan is continuing his fight on the governments declaring that any offence on their protests or fights will not suppress his resolution. He suggested the public once again not to get depressed and assured them that we shall fight together and achieve special status.

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