Government curses people

Land acquisition notification is released
Grabbing the land from farmers is the motto
Stubborn action of Yellow shirts

Vijayawada: Chandrababu Naidu government is focussed on the aim to grab the green farms from farmers and give it to Singapore Organizations.  Despite many criticisms, the statement for pulling land has been released. Once again, the monstrous form of Naidu will be seen soon. 

Land acquisition Notification is issued
The government is playing high conspiracy to grab the lands in the capital area from poor people.  Notification of land acquisition has been released in 10 villages based on this and this notification was released by the Guntur district collector, Kantilal. There is information that  there will be another notification released on satur day  in relation for more 19 villages. The Government is threatening since long that, if the villagers are not agreeing for acquisition of land, the land will be taken forcibly. As decided and mentioned previously, it started forcing the people to give land now and notification is released based on that. The YSRCP and other opposition parties, Farmers unions together are opposing the government’s actions.

The main goal is to grab land from farmers
To construct a new capital, probably 200 to 300 acres of land will be sufficient is the common understanding of people. The Singapore plan itself stated that the required land is 2,300 acres of land for capital construction. The government has already raised 33,400 acres of land. However, more and more land is grabbed by the yellow party for real estate business.

Is the main aim of Government is to target people?
The government is not sparing the people or farmers who are against the land pooling scheme. Almost 1,600 documents were given stating the objections. So, the government is targeting these members to grab their lands.  Though the amount of land required for capital formation is not clear, notifications are released on installment basis. While the law is to judge about the situation, and issued by the Centre, it is decided self by the State Government.

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