Game Changing, History Making Praja Sankalpa Yatra!

YSR... These three alphabets make tears well out from the eyes of the poor, uncared and the marginalised. Their heart will be filled with inexplicable happiness on hearing this word, for this was a guarantee to their welfare, progress and development.

Think YSR, an image of ever-smiling friend comes to mind. He was confidence and assurance personified. He addressed people with unbound affection and love. No politician had ever reached out to the people like YSR did. He knocked every door and touched every heart. He patiently heard as people poured out the tales of their woes. His warm pat on the back was a reassurance that darkness would soon be dispelled and a change for the better was round the corner.

His Praja Prasthanam began from Chevella in Rangareddy district and wound its way through the hills and hamlets till it culminated at Ichchapuram. This leader braved heat, dust, rain and chill and faced vicissitudes with fortitude. Illness and indisposition had failed to deter him.

It is this Praja Prasthanam, that catapulted YSR to the portals of power and made him the darling chief minister of the downtrodden masses.
During the long tour, he experienced firsthand the trials and tribulations of the weavers, fisherfolk, workers, farm hands and toddy tappers. The prasthanam was more a feel-the-people's pulse endeavour than a nit-picking exercise against the powers of the day. He understood the woes of the people and the Prasthanam gave him answers to the vexed questions that tormented him.

As a result, his reign was like a refreshing shower and a boon to the commoner. Unfortunately, this great leader left all too sudden and left a void that can never be filled. The TDP rule came back like a haunting nightmare and the sordid saga of broken promises and backstabbing had their re-run. The people fell victim to  his machinations and he began victimising YSR family to no end. Despite all this, YS Jagan's popularity has only grown by leaps and bounds.

His sister Sharmila had then taken up cudgels and launched a Padayatra from Idupulapaya, where she sought the blessings of her father, and this yatra culminated in Ichchapuram. Her 3000 km long yatra has bared the wrong intentions and intent of the powers that be. This yatra has once again proved the love that the people have for YSR Kutumbam.
Time has now come for another massive padayatra. The Praja Sankalpa Yatra, a moving example of YS Jagan's determination and pro-people approach, will begin from November 6. This yatra will turn out to be a game-changer. The state of Andhra Pradesh would not be the same anymore.  YS Jagan will interact with the people along his yatra and understand their problems. This will cover 13 districts and 3200 km. YS Jagan will offerr prayers at Tirumala on Saturdaymorning. He would also kneel at the Kadapa Darga and Church before setting out on his historic yatra.

This will be the third padayatra of the YSR family. The TDP is naturally jittery. The turncoats are shaken to the core. Chandrababu has lost his sleep. So, he is leaving no stone unturned to create hurdles in the came of cases, court attendance and action against assembly boycott. The Yellow media is pulling all stops to tarnish the yatra. But, ultimately, people's support will ensure that the opposition vanishes into thin air. The people are eagerly waiting to meet their young leader. They want to see YSR in YS Jagan.
This Yatra will be the clearest yet demonstration of people's anger against Chandrababu Naidu.
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